Love is the best medicine

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) –  Studies' show that people with good relationships may have better health. A happy couple from Lake Charles, Lori and Jonathan Ross, grew up in the same church, high school and eventually same workplace, but their romance did not start until four years ago.

"Just waiting for the elevator and I saw Lori who was working as a case manager. I know her face from high school, but she didn't know who I was, so I said 'aren't you Lori?' and she said 'what's your name?'"

Fast forward to 2010, they are expecting a baby boy, but keeping up a good relationship takes certain sacrifices.

"Dad's say that they empathize with the woman during the pregnancy but then I get out this 35 pound empathy belly," said Marta Benglis, Registered Nurse from Lake Charles Memorial Hospital.

Jonathan put on an empathy belly he says to help show Lori some physical support, and Lori got more than just a laugh.

"Foot rubs - he's good at that I told Ms. Martha that was the best part of the class!" said Lori.

Being a happy couple is not just fun, it is healthy for the mom and baby.

"The support that a woman has really can influence her happiness as well as her bond with the baby," explained Benglis.

A Center for Disease Control report says loving relationships in long term couples can help in long term couples can help with natural pain. Lori and Jonathan are making last minute preparations for the baby like practicing a diaper change and touring the hospital.

"It helps them to be a little more calm and reassured whenever they come in that it's a familiar environment," said Benglis.

A study from the Health and Human Services Department found that married couples have less doctors visits and shorter hospital stays, which could make falling in love even better.

So far the couple has a good bill of health and they cannot wait to meet the new baby.

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