Free Tea Day at McAlister's

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Thursday at McAlister's in Lake Charles, and across the nation, is Free Tea Day.

"We opened up at 10:30 and have been having people come in since then, we've been pretty busy. There's hardly any parking today," said Kristen Bobo, a McAlister's manager in Lake Charles.

McAlister's restaurants across the nation are competing for the right to call their city Tea Town, USA.

The McAlister's that gives away the most teas will earn major points towards achieving that title, and $5,000 for park or community improvements for their city.

Free Tea Day has been very busy in Lake Charles, and they think have an excellent shot at finishing towards the top of the standings.

"We're hoping to get in the top ten, the top ten people are all going to get money for their cities. There's much bigger cities than us and we're doing really well compared the other cities that are a lot bigger," said Bobo.

While today's event has been exciting for customers, the McAlister's employees are enjoying it as well.

"Our tea is like our most famous thing. People come here just for the tea and it seems to attract more business, and if they come in and like the tea then they come in and get lunch more often," said Bobo.

You can click on the link below to vote for Lake Charles as Tea Town, USA.

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