Federal judge strikes down portions of Arizona immigration law

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Immigration law is, more often than not, a heated issue. Some say the laws need to be stronger. Other say Arizona's law, dealing with people who illegally crossed the border, crossed the line. Locally, people had a lot to say, just hours after a federal judge blocked key parts of the law.

"Something needs to be done, because it's against the law to illegally immigrate. But yet, we all allow it. There is illegal immigrants working all around the country," said Glenn Bryant.

"I believe immigrants are coming into this country for the betterment of themselves. That is not a bad thing. But however, it takes away jobs from the American people," said Rosa Lawson.

But, not everyone feels the same way.

"Quite frankly, Arizona stepped way out of its bounds, and state powers," said Alexandra Zambrano.

Here are the parts of the Arizona law Judge Bolton said no to. The portion stating undocumented workers cannot solicit employment in public places was taken out. The part requiring all immigrants to carry proof of citizenship, at all times, was taken out. And, the part requiring officers to check a person's immigration status, while enforcing other laws, was also taken out. The judge made a comment on this last portion in her ruling stating that it "...burdens lawfully present aliens because their liberty will be restricted while their status is checked," said Judge Susan Bolton.

"I disagree with the fact that someone can be found reasonably suspicious. I believe that there is a lot of gray there, that will only lead to profiling," said Alexandra Zambrano.

While the law goes onto the books Thursday at 12:01am, for now, only part of it can  be enforced.

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