Louisiana named America's "laziest" state

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - In a recent ranking by Businessweek.com, Louisiana has been named the laziest state in America.

Words that Mayor Randy Roach couldn't help but feel a little defensive about when he first heard them.

"I guess it would be normal, it's human nature to live in a state, and to be born and raised here, and then to be told that you're lazy," said Roach.

The Businessweek.com report claimed Louisiana's laziness was measured on the amount of leisure time spent doing activities that don't require movement, compared with ones that require more physical effort.

The mayor is satisfied with the amount of parks and opportunities to be active the city offers, but does agree sidewalks could be improved for people to use.

"I will acknowledge that is a need and that there is more that we can do in terms of improving our sidewalks, and by expanding our sidewalks the better it will be for everybody. Not only those that run, but also those who walk and rely on sidewalks to get from point A to point B," said Roach.

Developments for a new downtown more conducive to walkers are already underway.

The mayor thinks areas like the new boardwalk along the lake offer people a great chance to get outdoors to exercise.

One problem with the Louisiana outdoors is the brutal summer humidity.

Phyllis Arwell, co-founder of Go Run, thinks indoor exercise is an excellent alternative, also exercising with a friend can make the process much easier.

"Misery loves company, so if you think you're out there in misery, it's not. You get to talking and the time goes by faster and it's just more enjoyable to be with a friend," said Arwell.

While the people of Louisiana will always embrace their laid back attitude, this study may open a few eyes.

The second and third laziest states according to the rankings were Mississippi and Arkansas, with other states in the south and southeast represented heavily on the list.

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