Gardening for your health

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – Gardening is not just a fun hobby; it can also be good for your health.

One Sulphur man has been gardening for more than 80 years growing peanuts, tomatoes, squash…you name it, and Calvin Murrell grows it!

"He only comes in to eat and sleep," said his wife Retha Murrell, "the rest of the time he stays out in the garden."

Calvin is 86 years old, so that is no easy task planting and harvesting year-round. He says it is all this activity that keeps him healthy.

"Love to do it I guess, like to see stuff grow," explained Murrell.

He says the trick to gardening is learning while you are young.

"I had to stay in the garden with dad since I was 6 years old or before," said Murrell.

He says teaching kids to garden will get them hooked, like with his great nephew.

"He's up and down those rows with me and he wants to take the little tiller to his house and show his mama that he can run it," said Murrell of his young nephew.

Retha Murrell says Calvin spends all days tending to the plants. He even has all the creature comforts like a bathroom, refrigerator and sink built right into his shed.

Retha Murrell said, "He grows it and I prepare it and cook it and eat it!"

Dieticians agree with Calvin, growing your own veggies can help you eat more of them and lead a healthier diet. Calvin swears it has kept him in good health all these years.

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