OEP moves to 901 Lakeshore

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - When it comes to potential flooding, the Calcasieu OEP usually has a plan in place. But, as far as the major water leak on the floor above their office, there was no forecast to predict such an accident.  Apparently a tube from a new water filter came loose from the water line, causing water to leak out for, at least, six hours. Now, the OEP has made a move to 901 Lakeshore Dr.

"We have everything run. Obviously, there are some wires and things that need to be sorted out. We have some computer servers that need to be hooked up," said Dick Gremillion, Calcasieu Parish OEP Director.

Despite the setback with the water, and then having to move all of the salvageable equipment to a new location, Dick Gremillion said they never lost any function during the flood. They were even able to setup a new EOC room, allowing emergency responders from different agencies to come together during a crisis.

"We were able to answer the phones, and any other thing we got through the whole period of time. And, really that's what our goal is," said Gremillion.

It is still unclear how long they will be located at 901 Lakeshore, but OEP officials want the public to know they are ready for business. They have already got their name on the door.

"It isn't luxury accommodations but it is functional," said Gremillion.

According to the OEP, out of twenty-two laptops, only six were salvageable after the flood. They are currently using equipment on loan from the state until they can be replaced.

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