Blind quilter makes a stop in the lake area

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Diane Rose has been known for years as the only-known totally blind quilter, and this week she is making a stop in the lake area.

Rose of Bellmead, Texas is sharing her story and selling applique quilts at the Cornerstone University in Lake Charles until Monday.

Rose was diagnosed with glaucoma as a child, and later in life she lost her sight completely in an accident.

"When I had the accident and lost the rest of my sight, that first year was very hard," said Rose.

But just a few years later, someone introduced her to the craft of quilting.

"I went to visit a lady out in the country and she had a quilt on the back of the couch," said Rose. "She asked if I had ever quilted and I said no."

Diane eventually learned how to sew through applique quilting.

"I can't see but I can feel the cut outs from the applique," said Rose.

Since 1995, she has quilted 660 quilts and traveled around the country sharing her story with hundreds of people.

Rose said it's a calling from God to give back to people despite her condition.

"What's so awesome is when I make them, I pray over them and I know that it's going to be blessed," said Rose. "That just amazes me because I never thought that would happen."

Rose said she also hopes to give a special message to those experiencing the same obstacles through her quilting.

"Take control of those inconveniences," said Rose. "Use this time to bring out your talents, and the interesting things that you may enjoy doing. We weren't born to have gloomy lives, just enjoy it."

If you are interested in donating fabric or purchasing a quilt, Rose will be in the lake area through Monday.

For more information on Rose's quilting click on "The Amazing Quilter" to the right.

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