Staying connected if the power goes out

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC-TV) – While Tropical Storm Bonnie is not expected to have a big impact on Southwest Louisiana, there is always that chance that the electricity could go out for thousands of people across the area, whether because of remnants of Bonnie or another thunderstorm.

And if that were to happen, and you don't have a generator, there are several resources available from KPLC to help you and your family stay informed on what is going on.

"If you lose television service and are not able to log on to the computer…your cell phone I think is going to be the easiest [way to stay informed]," said KPLC Chief Meteorologist Wade Hampton. "Any type of Smart Phone, whether it's an I-Phone or Blackberry…our website is constantly updated on here and we'll always have the latest information."

Weather radios are also a good way to keep informed if there is no electricity in your home.

"NOAA Weather Radios are also a good thing to have handy, not only in a hurricane situation, but normal everyday thunderstorms," said Hampton. "That will always provide you with the latest warning from the National Weather Service. If we're talking about a hurricane, it's going to have constant information on there."

You can learn how to program your weather radio on

KPLC has also partnered with local GAP radio stations, such as The Gator 99.5 FM and The Lake 92.9 FM.

And remember, should your cable be the only thing that goes out, you can still watch KPLC-TV as long as you have a digital signal, whether it's from you television or a converter box.

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