OEP office floods

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The OEP office is being gutted after water filled the first and second floor of the Emergency 911 building.

"It is a real setback, but it is not a real catastrophe for us," said OEP Director, Dick Gremillion.

The water leak started upstairs on the 911 administration floor, and leaked down. It destroyed several pieces of equipment. Apparently a new water filter is the culprit. Just hours after it was installed, a tube came loose from the water line causing water to leak for six to eight hours.

Dick Gremillion said their office is designed to be able to move at a moments notice.

"It's part of our continuity plan to be able to do something like this. We just prefer not to test it out in the middle of hurricane season," said Dick Gremillion.

So what about the emergency 911 call center, also located in the building? Officials said at no point did the water affect their operations, and people can still call 911 for help.

"As far as the 911 call taking, themselves and dispatch, nothing is affected. It is just mainly an inconvenience for the administrative staff," said Robin Martin, Director of Calcasieu Emergency 911.

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