Thousands gather to rally against the deepwater moratorium

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAFAYETTE, LA (KPLC) - Thousands showed up at the Cajun Dome in Lafayette, to rally against the second deepwater drilling moratorium. Many speakers talked about the loss of jobs, and economic impact.

"We don't want a BP check. We don't want an unemployment check. Let us go back to work," said Governor Bobby Jindal.

Not everyone feels the same. Just outside of the Cajun Dome several protesters were on hand to show their support for the drilling ban.

"I say, let's quit blaming President Obama for this, and take matters to these rigs, and make them safe," said One protestor.

Governor Bobby Jindal was one of the first to take the stage. He gave a speech, mostly geared toward motivating a crowd. But backstage it was less flash and more fact.

"These rigs can cost up to $500-thousand a day. Once they go to other countries they will sign multi-year contracts. They'll sign contracts for three years, and sometimes even longer, and they're not coming back overnight," said Governor Jindal.

Former CEO of Shell Oil Company, John Hofmeister, said the moratorium will cause gas prices to skyrocket. He also believes the ban on drilling is part of Obama's political agenda, an agenda he said will haunt the president, come election time.

"It was one-hundred percent political. It had to be, because the experts, selected by the department of interior, to look into the immediate response after the Deepwater Horizon, never said there should be a moratorium. They recommended against it," said John Hofmeister.

Right outside of the Cajun Dome the message was far different. While their numbers were not quite as impressive, they were just as loud.

"Money versus environment. Money always takes (inaudible) over environment," said one protestor.

Click here for a link to download a video of the rally at the Cajun Dome.

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