911 recording released of priest sauna incident

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - There are new developments on the priest found unconscious in a lake area steam sauna. The 911 recording reveals what happened just moments after Father Wayne LeBleu was found. Not long after an LA Fitness employee found Father LeBleu unresponsive, he called for help.

911 DISPATCH:  "911 Where is your emergency?"

LA FITNESS EMPLOYEE:  "Yes ma'am. I have a member, a gentleman that just passed out in the steam room, here at LA Fitness." 

911 DISPATCH:  "Is he breathing?"


911 DISPATCH:  "Alright, let me get you on the phone with Acadian. Hold on."

While the 911 dispatcher gets Acadian Ambulance online, it becomes clear what lead to the burns found on Father LeBleu, burns that cover up to 22% of his body.

911 DISPATCH:  "Do you know how long he had been in the steam room?"

LA FITNESS EMPLOYEE:  "No ma'am. I have no idea. I just found him like that. His back is scorched. He fell against the thing where the steam comes out."

But, what was Father LeBleu doing in the steam room, and what lead to his accident? Father Whitney Miller, who recently visited LeBleu in the hospital explains.

"One of his hobbies is to do scuba diving. And so, he had a little sinus infection. He heard that a good thing for a sinus infection was a steam room," said Father Whitney Miller, Diocesan spokesperson.

Father Miller said the last thing LeBleu remembers is a rush of heat, after which he stood up, and then apparently passed out. The 911 call continued, now with Acadian Ambulance involved.

ACADIAN AMBULANCE:  "Okay we've got some help on the way. You said he is breathing right now, right?"


ACADIAN AMBULANCE:  "Okay, is he bleeding anywhere?"

LA FITNESS EMPLOYEE:  "I think he has a little blood on his back."


Eventually Father LeBeleu was rushed to the hospital, and since then has been moved to a Baton Rouge burn unit. Friends and family said he is recovering well.

A website has been setup for people to check on the status of Father LeBleu's recovery. That link is http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/waynelebleu

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