Historical Lake Charles home on the move

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A historical Lake Charles home will be on the move to a new resting spot at the end of the month.

Moving the house from Shell Beach Drive to it's new resting spot on Pujo Street will be no easy process.

"This process is going to be pretty complex. It's a two story building, so what we're going to have to do on the 28th of this month is we are going to remove the roof," said Randy Lejeune, the owner of Rhino Renovation in Lake Charles.

After the roof is removed, the second floor will be taken off, then of course, the bottom floor. From there, the three pieces are taken to their new location and re-assembled.

"Basically we just slide it back together and put new seals, and big huge bolts, and stand the roof back up and start the renovations process," said Lejeune.

Randy also thinks renovating these historical homes are something the Lake Charles community is beginning to embrace.

"Lake Charles, I think, second only to New Orleans has the most historic properties. Lake Charles is just a small little community but has some fabulous houses here," said Lejeune.

Not only will these renovations keep historic homes standing, but it's easy on the environment.

"The word green is a big part of peoples vocabulary nowadays and to renovate historic property you can't get any greener than that," said Lejeune.

While the process of relocating a two story house is nothing easy, the final product will be something for the entire community to enjoy.

Weather permitting, the house is scheduled to be completely reassembled on it's new Pujo Street property by the first week in August.

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