Saving money on energy bill in Summer

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - As summer temperatures continue to rise, so are people's energy bills here in Southwest Louisiana.

Tyler Kurkendall, like so many, has seen a spike in his power bill with the sweltering heat this summer.

"It's really hot, very expensive actually. My electric bill shot up big time. I like to keep my house very cold," said Kurkendall.

On average July, August and September are the months with the highest summer energy bills, but there are a number of tips people can follow to keep their bills in check.

While just about everyone has a temperature they like to set their air conditioner at during the summer, the national standard is to set your it at 78 degrees.

"For every degree you turn your AC unit below 78 degrees, you increase your bill by 3% per degree that you lower it," said Sheila Pounders, the Customer Service Manager for Entergy.

After setting your thermostat at 78, one way of staying cool is to use ceiling fans while in a room.

"Another thing to do is raise your thermostat and use ceiling fans to keep the air circulating. It makes your skin temperature feel cooler," said Pounders.

Another one of the most important things to keep in mind during the summer is keeping the cool air indoors, and the hot air out.

"Keep your blinds closed during the middle of the day, keep your curtains closed during the middle of the day. Keep that heat from coming in if you can," said Pounders.

Sheila also recommends using energy efficient bulbs that emit less heat.

While it is inevitable that bills may rise during the peak summer months, following these simple tips will help with combating the heat.

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