Savannah's step mother to report to authorities Monday

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The step mother charged in the death of five year old Savannah Vincent is still free but she may not be for long. According to the arrest warrant Barbara Ginny Vincent's last known address was in Champagne, Illinois, but Calcasieu Sheriff's Deputies believe she is in Texas.

Her step daughter, Savannah Vincent, died in June 2008 of a head injury. Barbara and Savannah's father,  William Stewart Vincent,  were indicted for second degree murder yesterday.

William was booked into jail late yesterday afternoon. Sheriff Tony Mancuso says they expect Barbara to turn herself in on Monday.  "I have spoken to her attorney who does know her whereabouts and of course she can invoke her attorney client privilege and not have to tell us where Ms. Vincent is but she has assured us that she would be turning her in Monday to face her charges, the new upgraded charges on the second degree murder. If she were to not show up Monday then of course the agreement would be null and void and she would be considered a fugitive."

Savannah's great grandparents are among those who have been calling for justice in the little girl's death. Officials say it took two years to develop the evidence.

Great grandparents Clara and Glen Vaughan hope the legal process will help them understand what happened to little Savannah. Glen Vaughan said, "We'll know. Maybe we can understand it some way. It's just not knowing. The aggravation of never knowing. Just the misery of wondering how bad she suffered, what she went through."

Clara said, "I go to bed at night and wake up at night just wondering how long that baby laid there and suffered, if she suffered. It just hurts to know that something would happen to a kid like this. And then they'd get out and walk the streets. It hurt me to know they were still walking the streets while my baby's in the grave dead."

Officials are tight lipped about the evidence surrounding the case except to say that it is complex and includes information from a number of different physicians.

At last word, William Stewart Vincent remained in jail. We will let you know once we receive confirmation that Barbara Ginny Vincent is in custody.

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