New Alternative to Lasik

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) –  Ben Trouard says he got sick of keeping up with his reading glasses.

"I tried regular glasses, trifocals made me dizzy...contacts made my eyes tired," he explained.

He wanted a more permanent fix, but his ophthalmologist Dr. AJ O'Byrne from The Eye Clinic says Trouard was not a good fit for Lasik eye surgery.

"With Lasik all I could've given him was either distance vision or near and the best I could've done was make one eye see near and one see far but then he wouldn't be using both eyes together," said Dr. O'Byrne.

He suggested a new procedure called a lens implant. It is a lightning fast procedure, he says it only take five to ten minutes.

"It was done on Friday and I was back to work on Monday," said Trouard.

Dr. O'Byrne uses the A-Scan machine to take precise measurements of the eye before the implant is put in for a perfect fit. Ben had the surgery two months ago and he says so far so good.

"Oh much better, yes, I can go to a restaurant now and read a menu, see a presentation at work from across the room, watch TV from across the room," said Trouard.

Dr. O'Byrne says there is one downside because, "when you look at lights at night because you have more than one focal point you do see a little glow around the lights."

He recommends the news lens implants for people over 60 because he says younger people have more flexible natural lens already in their eyes. Though the procedure is surgery, Trouard says, "the only pain was the IV."

The multi-focal lens implant is not right for people with heavy astigmatism. You can contact Dr. O'Byrne about the procedure at The Eye Clinic in Lake Charles for more information.

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