Bucs are in a fortunate spot

By Tom Annino - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Back-to-back championships in the Intense Football League, winning the first ever SIFL title, and then finishing the 2010 regular season with a sub-five hundred record.

Things changed dramatically this season for the Louisiana Swashbucklers.

Despite finishing the regular season with a 5-6 overall record, the Bucs were able to defeat the top seeded Albany Panthers in the semi-finals to reach the title game for a second-consecutive year.

Let's face it.  Even the Bucs know why they're even in the playoffs in the first place.

The SIFL only has four playoff spots and there are only five teams in the league.

That being said, the Bucs consider themselves a fortunate group to be where they are right now.

I asked two veteran players on the Bucs roster one simple question: If I told them over a month ago they would be in the championship game, would they believe me?

"I probably would've looked at you crazy like I've done a few times before," Bucs defensive tackle John Paul Jones said.  "We've had a lot of ups and downs this year with ownership, coaches and players but we weathered the storm.  That win in Albany had everybody elated and we're excited to be in the championship once again."

"We just couldn't go out like that," Bucs wide receiver Marcus Wilridge said.  "We just couldn't.   Going what we've been going through and then come at the end and just leave it all on the table like that."

Louisiana will now play the Columbus Lions on Sunday, July 18th in the SIFL title game.  The matchup will be played in Columbus, Georgia at five o'clock.

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