People still recovering from Hurricane Rita

By Brandon Troullier - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Its been almost 5 years since Hurricane Rita damaged Southwest Louisiana and some are still recovering from the damages.  Through the 1st Christian Church, "the mission station team" has made it from Nebraska to Lake Charles.

Vern Schulte, team leader says, "well, the reason we came down here is that out church is seeing the need for disasters relief and to help our fellow human beings in any way we possibly could and try and give them, not really a hand out, but a hand up."

Senior Pastor of First Christian Church Don Varnadore, who just joined the church added, "I am absolutely overwhelmed and I have never ever in my life seen a community that is committed to this kind of work in Lake Charles…man its just a phenomenal experience."

The group used its own money to come down and help homes that are still in need of repairs from the hurricane.

"Its just a different feeling", says John Raimer, "its overwhelming, but its good overwhelming…how can you feel any better than helping other people."

The 17 individuals arrived on Sunday and have been working through the hot weather to give a piece of mind to those still in recovery.

"Its unexplainable" says Thomas Moulds, one of the homes being helped, "I mean to know that there's still much kindness in this world, it almost brings me to tears every time I think about it, I mean here are these people giving of their time and their own money and everything to help us out, its almost like a dream come true."

The group says the will work all week long and head back on Saturday evening.

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