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Officials plan to continue fighting crime in Jennings

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JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - City officials and local law enforcement reflect on how far the south Jennings area has come since authorities first started heavily patrolling the area in March.  

Louisiana State Police, Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office and Jennings Police have combined resources to conduct joint patrols in an effort to fight off crime in the south Jennings area.

LSP has made 55 drug related arrests, 74 criminal charges, and 10 fugitive arrests since authorities began the joint patrols in March.

Authorities have also begun taking a proactive approach opposed to a reactive approach when it comes to fighting off crime in this area of the city.

"For so many years prior to this, we were just reacting. Something would happen somewhere and we would get into it," said Colonel Mike Edmonson, the superintendent for LSP. "Now we talk to the people who live here because they know where the problems are."

Resident Lenether Watson has lived in south Jennings for almost ten years, and she said she's seen a difference since LSP has begun the joint patrols.

"You don't see them on the corners selling to this one and selling to that one," said Watson. "There's no hollering and no booming music so it's been good." 

Authorities said they plan to continue heavily patrolling the south Jennings area in an effort to fight off crime.

Local law enforcement urges all residents in Jennings to call the police department if they notice anything suspicious.

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