Sulphur meth lab bust

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - A meth lab in Sulphur was busted after someone reported a suspicious smell at the Crossland Economy Studios motel, off of Cities Service Highway at I-10. Sulphur Police said they were able to shutdown the clandestine lab before things got out of hand.

"Approximately 10:00pm (Tuesday night) we got a call of a possible odor at this hotel, Crossland," said Mel Estess with the Sulphur Police Department.

It was not long after the call came in before police said they entered the room in question, and discovered four people operating a meth lab.

"They were in the process, but they were not able to complete it," said Mel Estess.

Meth labs are highly unstable, and capable of causing an explosion if anything goes wrong. They pose a serious threat to the people operating them, and anyone nearby. But, police said  Tuesday night's meth lab was in it's early stages, and they were able to stop it before things got out of control. After the room was secure, Sulphur police and special haz-mat teams were called in to begin collecting the hazardous materials from the motel room.

"All of the hazardous stuff has been removed. We've had four arrests. Three males and one female have been arrested in connection with this lab," said Mel Estess.

The investigation into the Sulphur meth lab bust is ongoing. Officers have not released the suspects' names.

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