Guns allowed in church

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - For hundreds of years the gun has been used to protect ones self and ones family from harm. Now, Louisiana law makers say you should be able to protect yourself and your family at church, as well. House bill 1272 was recently signed into law by Governor Bobby Jindal. His office released the following statement.

"The Governor's position on the second amendment is not new. He sides with the constitutional rights of law abiding gun owners." 

Over the past several years we have all heard the reports of deadly attacks on people attending a worship service. But, will the new law make things safer?

"Churches, some of them, our does, have men that kind of protect the church during a church service. And, I think it would be great if they were allowed to do that, " said Bonnie Rutherford of Bellview Baptist Church.

"I like the idea of citizens carrying arms to deter crime, but I'm not real sure about bringing them into church," said Joe Savoie of Bellview Baptist Church.

Some like the idea of added protection. Others believe it will only hurt.

"In the first place, I think it would add to the danger," said Harold Young of Bellview Baptist Church.

"I believe I am for it, if the church knows about it. And, they assign you to watch over the flock during the service," said George Merwin of Bellview Baptist Church.

In fact, the new law specifically requires a person, wanting to bring a gun into church, to let the pastor know. Then, the pastor must tell the congregation. Also, eight additional hours of tactical gun training must be completed. But, even with these safeties in place the opinions still vary.

"It is about love and trust in the Lord. So, I really don't think it's a necessary thing," said Laura Hooks of Open Door Baptist Church.

"I believe people ought to own guns, but I do not believe church is the place for them," said john Bruns of Open Door Baptist Church.

"If it's in the hands of the right person, and they go to the right classes, I'm for it," said Michael Dupin of Open Door Baptist Church.

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