Willie Brown football camp

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – After seven years, NFL Hall of Famer Willie Brown's DeRidder football camp continues to make a positive impact on young football players.

"Jimmie is a very respectable young man and a very courteous young man," said Jimmie Wilson Sr., father of Jimmie Wilson Jr.

Every lesson Jimmie Jr. was taught at home is reinforced at Brown's camp.

Brown stated, "I think that's the big thing with these kids, that they are learning life skills, helping others and caring about each other, sportsmanship, conducting themselves, those kind of things."

With Buford Jordan, Lionel Washington, and other past and current NFL players, Brown's camp is placing an emphasis on football being a game of life. Under that notion, the staff is helping to set up kids, like Jimmie Jr., to have successful lives in the future.

"It's going to help me in everything that I do, like after football and other goals."

However, life skills are not the only thing these kids will acquire at camp, they are also learning how to excel in football.

"When they start really playing football at a young age, they're way ahead of other kids that have not gone to a camp before," said Brown.

That edge also has a little something to do with who they're learning from. The kids are gaining valuable techniques directly from NFL professionals.

Jimmie Sr. stated, "He [Jimmie Jr.] takes everything he learns and he puts it to each camp and he does better in each camp."

Attending Brown's camp and working with NFL professionals is an experience Jimmie Jr. won't forget.

"They took out their time to come to this camp all the way in DeRidder to take time out for us," said Jimmie Jr.

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