Project Build a Future

By Brandon Troullier - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - You drive around town and you see them...old abandoned homes and vacant lots.  But for a decade, one local organization has done something about it and in the process, turned the dream of home ownership into a reality.

Project Build A Future is making a difference, working with low income households and getting them into a home of their own where an old abandoned home once stood.  They have spent almost a million dollars to build 11 homes since 2005.

Executive Director Nicole Miller says, "not only in dollars we're bringing into the community, but we're also working with minority contractors to try to help them get their start and get their business well established."

"It was a 3 month contract but we did it in 2 know I grew up in this community and to be able to give back and help out and make a dream come true, it was just a tremendous feeling" says Roy Washington, owner of R. E. Construction.

It's a feeling that's shared by Quintessa Guillory, who is now a first time home owner.

"I'm excited, I am, I mean its my first home, I've tried before, I've never went through with it, but I think I'm ready now" says Guillory.

Her next door neighbor, Juanita Mann, is also celebrating her brand new house with her 2 kids and she too is just as thankful.

She says, "I'm so excited, I'm blessed, I just thank everybody for helping me with this opportunity to own my own home".


1)  total household income must be less than 80% of the area's median income

2)  you must be a 1st time home buyer

3)  you must take a free home buyer education class

4)  you must volunteer at least 15hrs to Project Build A Future

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