Firework sales in rough economy

By Brandon Troullier - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's not easy being in the fireworks business right now with the poor economy, but for the Fireworks Warehouse on Common Street, there's another problem.

Store cashier/salesperson Jordan Simmons says, "the road construction has actually hurt our business a little bit because its kind of just been a mess on the road....its pretty bare, but mostly there's been a couple of people in here."

Even during the tough economic times and the road construction on Common Street, the warehouse says that business has been about the same compared to last year and that one of the top sellers this season has been family packs.

Simmons says that customers buy a lot of them as well as more smaller things for the little ones because, "its a lot easier for them to actually just pick out one thing instead of having to walk around the store..."

Dale Conner, a customer says, "my 10 year old niece asked me if I would set her up with a fireworks show...kind of a belated 4th of July fireworks."

No matter what the conditions are, you can expect the skies to be lit up every Independence Day.

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