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Cycling becoming more popular in SWLA

By Brandon Richards - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – Some reports have listed it as the second most-popular sport in America, but why has bicycling become so popular, especially in Southwest Louisiana?

"It's almost like a runner's high," said Ian Gibson, a teenage cyclist. "You just feel you can ride forever. It's a great feeling."

Dean Padgett is the owner of Capitol Cyclery and a longtime cyclist. Padgett has been riding for 15 years. He started out competitive, but has become a recreational cyclist in recent years.

Padgett said he sees a lot of people from different backgrounds in his store.

"Elderly people that have bad knees or runners coming in that can no longer run," said Padgett. "It's also just a real healthy sport to enjoy with the family."

One reason Dean believes cycling has become more popular in Southwest Louisiana is because of the strong support cyclists receive from the local cycling clubs.

Then, there are the obvious health benefits of cycling.

"Cardio benefits, also toning muscles, and it's low-impact so it doesn't hurt the knees," said Padgett.

So, whether it is the joy of hanging out with family, or if you're just more competitive in nature, there seems to be something for just about everyone in cycling.

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