Practicing safety when shooting fireworks this holiday weekend

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Consumers are already stocking up on their fireworks for the weekend, but there are some important safety precautions to remember before lighting up those explosives.

The Chapman family from Lake Charles purchases fireworks every chance they get.

"We set off fireworks every year," said Michael Chapman. "For New Years, Fourth of July, Christmas; whenever they sell them."

But their oldest son, Seth Seaman, had a scary experience once with fire crackers.

"One blew up in my hand," said Seaman. "My hand was just all black when it happened."

Seaman said he learned a very important lesson after this experience.

"Never throw them," said Seaman. "Now I just put them on the ground."

While never holding them is one thing, Fire Prevention Chief T. A. Jones said there are many things consumers need to remember, including adult supervision.

"Normally ages 8 and 10 is where we have most of our injuries with these items," said Jones. "We see that there have been problems with burns and cuts and different items such as those."

An important way to protect your children is by keeping a water hose nearby, and never try to relight a firework that did not go off the first time.

Consumers should also let the firecrackers cool off before cleaning up the mess.

"That's the main thing for the kids not go pick them up after they pop because they still are lit," said Chapman.

The Fire Prevention Office also urges residents to take precautions when it comes to outdoor grilling.

These precautions include checking for any leaks and keeping those grills at least 10 feet away from your home.

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