Cat recovering after 80 foot fall from tree

Moss Bluff cat recovering after 80 foot fall.
Moss Bluff cat recovering after 80 foot fall.

By Crystal Price - bio | email

Videography by Brandon Troullier - bio | email

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - A lake area cat is recovering after spending 8 days in a pine tree and leaping nearly 80 feet to safety.

Barbara Evans from Moss Bluff said her 3 year old cat "Smokey" climbed up the tree across from their home a little over a week ago.

"He got out of the yard at the house and climbed at least 20 feet up," said Evans.

Calcasieu Animal Services does not usually rescue cats from trees, but in this particular situation they felt the animal's life was at risk.

"The cat had been in the tree for eight days and that really worried us a lot about dehydration," said Rita Cavanaugh, Director of Calcasieu Animal Services.

A lake area crane company known as Crane Ceaux stepped in to assist in the cat rescue, and they said it was no easy task.

"I was trying to position the personnel to get in the right spot and it was difficult because we had branches and stuff in the way," said Mike Regan with Crane Ceaux.

But in the midst of the rescue, Smokey surprised everyone when he decided to jump at least 80 feet to his rescue.

Smokey landed below Crane Ceaux's vehicle and suffered minor injuries.

Calcasieu Animal Services said this should be a lesson for all cat owners that climbing up the tree is different from climbing down.

"It could have something to do with the claws not being designed to climb down," said Cavanaugh. "Most of the time they get to the top they hear noises, they get scared they get frightened, and it's very difficult to get them down.

Smokey's owner said she is just thankful that for this once curiosity did not kill the cat.

"I think he's used up 5 of his 9 lives," said Evans. "I'm glad it didn't come out the other way. We'll have a happy ending to it once he gets over his soreness and everything because he took a pretty hard fall."

Smokey is currently recovering from his injuries at a local animal hospital.

The cat is expected to go home some time tomorrow.

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