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Micro Force

The MicroForce takes two AAA batteries, not included. The MicroForce takes two AAA batteries, not included.
The head of the MicroForce. The head of the MicroForce.
Best results with the MicroForce is use "against the grain" of hair growth. Best results with the MicroForce is use "against the grain" of hair growth.
Curves proved troublesome for the MicroForce. Curves proved troublesome for the MicroForce.
I need to clean the blades during my shaves for best results. I need to clean the blades during my shaves for best results.

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) – The MicroForce is a cordless electric razor that promises the closeness of a blade shave with the convenience of an electric shaver.  I take the MicroForce home to put it test it by shaving my face. The unit requires two AAA batteries to get started, which I purchase separately.  The unit has a cover over the head to protect the shave foil.  The head comes off as well to clean the blade and replace the foil, as needed.

The MicroForce calls for skin pulled taut and motion "against the grain" of hair for best results.  I begin my trials with a dry shave. The instructions call for up to two weeks of use for your skin and shave technique to match up to give you the closest shave you've ever had.

Since I'm a guy with sensitive skin, most shavers usually tear up the side of my face leaving it red and irritated.  After a few swipes with the MicroForce, I find no irritation after using it on the side of my face.  The shaven spots feel as smooth as a shave made by my traditional three-blade razor.

I experience no trouble using the MicroForce to rid the flat areas on my face of hair.  Unfortunately, adding facial curves and the hair on my neck changes the story.  Most of the hair comes off, eventually.  I have to travel over the same spots many times to clear the hair, yet there's still some stubble leftover.  Plus, skin around my neck is irritated.  Even with a wet face, I run into the same problems using the MicroForce.  As far as the time, it takes about three to four times as long to shave with the MicroForce than it would have taken with my traditional blade and shave gel.

As suggested by the instructions, I continue to use the MicroForce for two weeks.  I find that the multiple passes with the shaver still leaves stubble.  Plus, it takes just as long to get a "close enough" shave with the MicroForce as it did on the day when I began using it.  My irritation doesn't subside, regardless whether I shave with it wet or dry.  The blades also need some cleaning during the shave to keep working properly.  The unit is water proof, working submerged in water the entire time of a five minute trial.

Again, I do have sensitive skin so my results may not be the same as yours.  Since the MicroForce doesn't deliver consistent close shaves on my entire face, it takes much longer to use than a manual blade, and it didn't deliver my closest shave ever.  Therefore, the MicroForce trims its way to a NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

Web Extra:  The MicroForce comes with a 60-day limited warranty.  It also comes with an extra foil for replacement if required.  Again, I'll stress that this device may work better on different shapes faces and different skin types.  The results are based completely on my two week experiences with the MicroForce.  The battery life held up fine with 8-10 minute shaves on every other day for two weeks using a standard name brand set of batteries.  I will note that the foils held the hair from falling out very well.  The blades needed to be cleaned more often during the shaves when wet versus when dry.

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