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Mike White Invitational brings PBR to Lake Charles

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - This weekend's Mike White Invitational has attracted some of the best bull riders there are.

"They've come from all over the United States and Australia and Brazil. So it's worldwide, not just nationwide," said Billy Cochrane, the Livestock Supervisor for the event.

Most riders are here to honor Lake Charles native, Mike White's retirement from the sport.

But besides the riders, there are many others putting in work to make it a successful event.

Putting on a PBR event doesn't just come together easily, it takes plenty of hard work and preparation.

"You put the dirt in, you got your sponsorships. There's a lot of it, they've been working for half a year to put this one event together," said Cochrane.

The most difficult process is housing and having the hundreds of bulls ready for the riders.

"We've got like two-hundred and something bulls back there that all are in an individual pen in the college arena, and then we set up the arena in here where we truck the bulls back and forth for the event," said Cochrane.

While working behind the scenes may not be glamorous, these guys enjoy their job, especially when it brings them to Southwest Louisiana.

"The ones I've seen sure are happy here. I like Louisiana, you've got good food, good drink, good times here in Louisiana," Cochrane stated.

With one more night to go, there will be plenty more good times at Burton Coliseum.

KPLC will have continuing coverage on Mike White's final professional bull ride this weekend.

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