Crib recall sparks safety concerns

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) –From now on when six-month-old Tanner Anderson goes to sleep, he won't be nestled in the same old bedding.

"You know they come in a set, so you just assume buying it, that it would be okay," said Keely Anderson, Tanner's mother.

More than 2 million cribs were recalled on Thursday amid concerns that babies can suffocate or suffer other bodily injuries. However, what is inside the crib could be equally as harmful. Items that appear to be baby friendly like bumper pads, comforters, and pillows may appeal to parents because they are soft and look good in cribs, but they can pose a threat to an infant.

"Things that are inside the crib can pose a suffocation hazard," said Department of Health and Hospitals Child Safety Coordinator Alisa Stevens.

Stevens, says suffocation is the leading cause of injury related deaths in infants, and it can happen as soon as a parent leaves the room.

"It actually takes less than a minute for your child to suffocate," said Stevens.

Bumper pads, comforters, and pillows or anything else that could potentially block an infants airway, should not be in a crib. However, Stevens says if you must cover your child in a crib, she recommends using a safe sleep sack.

Stevens stated, "It fits just like a gown, it's sewn up at the bottom, you can zip it up."

A safe sleep sack will not ride over a child's airway. If you don't have a safe sleep sack, the next best alternative is a lengthy receiving blanket and your child should sleep based on the foot to feet rule.

To use the foot to feet rule, Stevens stated, "Put the child's feet at the foot of the bed [and] tuck the blanket underneath the mattress on all three sides firm."

Similar to the safe sleep sack, the foot to feet method will prevent the blanket from riding up and blocking a child's airway.

The crib may not be as cute and cozy without decorative items, but it will definitely be safe, and that's enough to change Anderson's mind.

"Definitely no pillows, or bumpers, or comforters," she stated.

If you do not have a safe sleep environment for your infant, such as a proper crib, you can contact Alisa Stevens at 475-3219, and she will provide you with a safe alternative.

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