Drowning claims toddler's life

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The three-year old toddler involved in the near drowning at a Lake Charles apartment complex died Thursday evening at a local hospital.

Authorities have not yet released the child's name and the Calcasieu Coroner's Office has not yet confirmed a cause of death.

Lake Charles Police responded first responded to the near drowning at the Fifth Avenue Apartment complex on Saturday afternoon.

But before the police responded, however, one resident of the complex saw something unusual in the pool area.

"I was in my car on the way to the store when I saw two little girls by the pool," said Nakiesha Aaron, a resident of Fifth Avenue Apartments. "One of them was point at the pool and said that her brother was in the bottom."

Aaron said she immediately jumped in to save the toddler, and took him to her neighbor's house who did CPR on the child.

"She didn't know CPR," said Byron January, a resident of Fifth Avenue Apartments. "It had to have been a Godsend for me to know how to do it. I wish the outcome would have been better than it was, but God knows best."

The police said if there is one thing folks can learn from this, it is to never let your child out of your sight.

"I know it only takes one or two seconds for that child to get out of your sight," said Jeff Keenum, the Judicial Liaison for Lake Charles Police. "Bad things happen to good people unfortunately and I don't know how many times or how better I can say how terrible a tragedy it is."

Fifth Avenue Apartments refused to comment on the issue.

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