Oil in Gulf causes SWLA fishing business to increase

By Brandon Troullier - bio | email

BIG LAKE, LA (KPLC) - Louisiana is Sportsman's Paradise, and sport fishing is big business, but because of the oil spill, business has been good for Calcasieu Charter Service.

Owner Eric Lue says, "...we're really running a little above average with the total number of charter for the month,...I would say we are getting a positive effect from the spill."

The spill has attracted people from as far east as Atlanta, Georgia, to come all the way here just to catch a bite.

Brad Spickert, VP of Marketing for Coca-Cola had planned on going to Orange Beach, Alabama, but the trip was changed at the last minute and he, along with other co-workers with Coca-Cola, came to Big Lake because, "we've had several folks that do business in this area and it came from recommendation that this would be a good place to go."

The Charter Services are not the only ones benefiting from the oil spill. Down from the Charter Service is Cocahoe's Bar and Grill, and although they've only been open for a month, they've already surpassed expectations.

Jason Trevino, the bar's general manager says, "it's kind of taken us by surprise, our business comes from being able to launch your boat right here at our restaurant.....as long as the oil doesn't affect us, we're looking at a bright future."

A bright future, if the oil stays away.

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