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Senior citizens help teach scouts at summer camp

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Camps are a big part of summer for many kids and you'd be surprised how many senior citizens are involved to make those summer adventures happen. At Camp Edgewood, the Boy Scout Camp in Beauregard Parish, older people play a key role.

Boy Scout Tyler Minton is working to achieve the rank of Eagle.  At the age of 17, he feels scouting has served him well.  He recites the scout law.  "A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent."  He says, "And if you stick with all those you can be anything."

But those values in the scout law are taught by leaders and mentors,  many of whom are senior citizens. One is Vern Morgan, camp director at Camp Edgewood, where boys of all ages and skill levels will spend time this summer learning this summer. Says Vern, "It's a whole opportunity for a week of learning and studying to become better at being on your own, building self confidence, improving your character and your physical well being. It's a great all around program."

Leaders like Vern help the boys see there's a lot more to life than video games and action shows. "They learn to tie knots, do pioneering projects, build bridges and gates, they learn how to move heavy loads with just ropes and pulleys and blocks and tackles.

The older boys participate in something they call COPE: Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience and it helps they build team building skills and improves their self confidence... Volunteer Patsy Lejeune is one of the older people who  helps as she has for sixteen years.  "I love to see the boys, that's what keeps me young, watching them. They challenge each other. We learn different things to help them in life." Things, many of which are skills and lessons most easily found in those with plenty of life experience.  For more on scouting click here.

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