Lake area customers purchase last minute Father's Day gifts

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It has been 100 years since the very first Father's Day, and this Sunday another generation of fathers across the country will be honored through different ways.

Customers in the lake area were doing a little bit of last minute Father's Day shopping for their dads on Saturday.

Some fathers told 7News what exactly they were hoping for this Sunday.

"I would love a couple of VMW convertibles," said Ken Smith, a father of 5 from Texas.

And a few kids told 7News a few ideas of their own.

"I'm getting my dad movies, tools, and shorts," said Michael Fults of Lake Charles.

"I'm getting a card and a barbeque grill," said Sarah Reviel of Lake Charles.

But some dads in the lake area said that Father's Day is about more than expensive gifts.

"It's about looking back over the past year to see how far we've come along the way," said Julius Myers, a father from Lake Charles. "I like to see how far I've come and how far my kids have come."

Many of the dads 7News spoke with said they believe that family is what the day is all about.

"I plan just to mingle with my family this Father's Day," said Myers. "That's all I ask for. I don't need material things."

Some fathers said that thoughtful words and actions are all that are needed to make the day special.

"Once you're a father, you're a father forever," said Ken Smith. "This day will be an opportunity to get closer to the kids. It's nice to give the old man a thought every once in a while too."

This Father's Day spending increased by at least 5% this year in comparison to last year, according to a recent study.

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