Moby catfish still lives at Edgewood

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

CAMP EDGEWOOD, BEAUREGARD PARISH, LA. (KPLC) - When a kid goes off to summer camp it should be educational, memorable and most of all fun. To make sure her son's was all that and more.  Well, such is the case at Boy Scout Camp at Camp Edgewood.

Several times a year boy scouts descend on camp edgewood where they work on merit badges and learn a wide range of skills from how to survive in the wilderness to environmental science. Sessions include class room time where they learn things that may one day help them choose a career.

Says Boy Scout Tyler Minton, "You come here and you meet new people and you learn things you really can't learn by sitting home on the couch. Like I'm doing life saiving."

Here the boys learn to fashion floatation devices from long pants or a shirt.they canoe and learn how to recover from a spill. Their buddy system helps keep everyone accounted for...Every few minutes you hear the life guard sound a whistle and yell, "Buddy Check!" Each boy shows he's found his buddy.

The leaders run a tight ship, making sure the boys do their share of the chores proving that many hands do lighten the load... The older boys participate in something called COPE..Challenging outdoor personal experience. And there's plenty of other fun stuff mixed in...This year the National Guard brought in go carts that run on pedal power...

And if you like fishin' well, my son and I can tell you Moby the catfish still lives. Ricky was jumping up and down when he hooked the big one.  He yells,"I did it!"  An amazed friend yells, "Look at this giant catfish!" Explains Ricky, "I spit on it, used cricket and worm."   He can't help but brag a bit.  "I caught Moby catfish. How do you like me now?!"

And eventually day gives way to moonlit and starry nights, where a concert of night sounds lulls tired boys and moms to sleep to energize all for the coming day.

Camp could never happen without the dedication of volunteers many of whom are senior citizens. We'll have more on that on Monday night's senior report.

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