Drivers perform illegal turn on Nelson Road in Lake Charles

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – In matter of minutes 7News' cameras caught multiple motorists breaking the law.

Construction on I-210 has prevented motorist headed south bound on Nelson Road from turning left onto the east bound on ramp. Many drivers are now making u-turns to get on the interstate.

"There is no provision of the law that allows a u-turn," stated Sgt. Mark Kraus of the LCPD. "People have contacted the LCPD to tell us about that problem area. We were obviously aware of it because of the congestion that it contains."

The LCPD has been monitoring the area, and after fifteen minutes it wasn't long before our camera caught a number of drivers in the act.

The majority of the cars 7News witnessed making illegal u-turns chose to use the left turn lane to enter the Calmar shopping center on nelson road. After motorists made u-turns, they proceeding to get onto I-210 east bound.

7News also caught one motorist who stopped in the middle of the intersection to make a u-turn. His decision could have led to an accident, but there is a safer and legal alternative.

Sgt. Kraus stated, "If you're turning into a parking lot and they safely do that, there is no provision in the law to prevent that."

However, it is not recommended to turn around in a parking lot located in a highly congested area.

"To make that u-turn illegally it could cost you a lot of money, it could cost you a crash, it could cost you a life," said Sgt. Kraus.

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