Creative clean up methods for BP oil spill

BAY JIMMY, La. (AP) - Oil response crews in coastal Plaquemines Parish are getting creative in trying to clean up the marshes, using shop vacuums to suck oil into 55-gallon drums.

Disaster Recovery Corp. workers Jessie Shafeer and Rick Soto, paid by BP and working under the direction of parish officials, decided to try the method to speed up collection of the oil that has fouled the coast for weeks, Soto said.

They sucked up nearly 150 gallons in a matter of minutes during a demonstration Wednesday. "Simple as a shop vac. Just two guys talking," Soto said.

They tried the method on thick pools of oil trapped between the marshes and sorbent boom on the north shore of Bay Jimmy.

Parish President Billy Nungesser gave the go-ahead for the experiment, Soto said.

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