LA national guard builds barriers to protect Cameron shoreline

By Crystal Price - bio | email

HOLLY BEACH, LA (KPLC) - The Louisiana National Guard has begun shoreline protection in Cameron Parish this week by staging a Hesco barrier wall along eight miles of shoreline.

The servicemen are building the prevention measure between Holly Beach and Cameron to protect the marshlands that lie behind the coast.

"As the tide rises and falls that water can actually come all the way up to the roads, so this is a barrier to prevent that," said Lt. Paul Mounts. "It will prevent it from pushing over onto the road and getting in the marshland."

The Hesco barrier wall consists of linked Hesco sections, each consisting of five linked baskets, which are then filled with sand.

While the Louisiana National Guard is glad to help, some Holly Beach residents fear the barriers will not be enough to withstand the oil or a possible hurricane.

Rhonda Thompson has lived in Holly Beach almost 2 years now, and she still remains skeptical about the spill.

"I have doubts even with the barriers," said Thomspon.

Thompson argues that barriers should be put up to protect the houses as well.

"They're starting at the other end of the beach and they haven't put anything in front of the houses," said Thompson. "They should worry about the houses first."

The Louisiana National Guard will continue building the barriers until they complete the full 8 miles of the coast.

The Louisiana National Guard is also continuing their vacuum barges near East Grand Terre Island.

The Guard has removed more than 8,000 gallons of oil thus far.

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