Vidrine is MSU’s 14th All-American

By Tom Annino - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The goal was to have a top eight finish at the NCAA Track & Field Championships in the Javelin.

Sam Vidrine accomplished his goal.

The sophomore at McNeese State did something only thirteen other MSU track & field athletes have ever done: become an All-American.

Vidrine's throw at 69.99 meters allowed him to finish sixth in the competition.  A finish inside the top eight made him an All-American.  Vidrine talked about the throw that put him over the top.

"I knew I hit it," Vidrine said.  "I knew I felt it.  I felt before I even let it go I knew it was a good one.  I was just sitting there waiting for the board to show how far it was.  When I looked and saw, I knew it was going to get me in there.  I just didn't know if it would be All-American but it happened to be.  It got where I needed to go.

His assistant coach Jon Fagan was confident the throw was going to be special.

"It looked really good because he came flying down the runway," Fagan said.  "He was amped up before he got on there."

During his interview with 7Sports, Fagan revealed Vidrine threw at the national competition despite having an injured shoulder.

"I thought he was pretty hurt going in and we didn't know what was wrong with him," Fagan said.  "So I didn't know how well he was going to do at all.  He was stiff during practice, stiff during warm-ups; he couldn't even do runway work with his arm fully extended behind him.  As far as his ability to throw, I had no idea how he would."

The injury didn't seem to matter much, as Vidrine came home from Eugene, OR as an All-American.  He says there might be a little more pressure on him going into next season.

"It was easier this season because I was a no-name," Vidrine said.  "No one knew.  I just threw the javelin, basically.  This year, I'm coming in and people know who I am.  But you've just got to keep that same mentality of going there, work hard every track meet, don't really pay attention to it, stay loose, go in there and have fun every meet."

Vidrine says he's going to have his shoulder evaluated very soon.

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