Maplewood Drive crack caused by heat

By Jason Belk - bio | email

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - The scene on Maplewood Dr. in Sulphur on Sunday afternoon was like something out of a movie.

There was a large crack stretching across all four lanes of the busy road.

But the explanation from where the crack came from is directly related to the hot road temperatures.

"In the summertime it's not uncommon, it's not common, but it happens, that the heat will cause the pavement to expand and it will at times buckle or fail," said John Bruce, the Director of Public Works in Sulphur.

The fold is something that the Public Works office believes will only be a one time occurrence.

"It's not a common occurrence, it happens very infrequently. As always, drivers should be vigilant to road conditions because it can be hazardous," said Bruce.

Residents living nearby described the buckling of the road as a loud pop.

"The residents that live nearby heard it and they expressed concern over what it may be," said Bruce.

Sulphur Public Works temporarily diverted traffic to Louisiana Ave., and proceeded to fix the problem.

"We've relieved the stress at the failure point. We've got temporary surface in there now for the traveling public. Permanent repair will be done soon," said Bruce.

With the sweltering summer heat, it's safe to say, even the roads are feeling the effects.

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