Three Barbe HS players drafted

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Three players from Barbe High School were selected in this past week's Major League Baseball draft.

Garin Cecchini was selected in the 4th round by the Boston Red Sox, Hommy Rosado in the 11th round by the Colorado Rockies and Kevin Berard in the 22nd round by the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Barbe baseball program has been successful for a long time, but to put in perspective how special this year's draft was, McNeese State's baseball team only had two selected in this draft compared to Barbe High School's three.

"We prepare like a Division I college, we prepare the best, and we work hard at everything we do so every player that we have strives to make it to the next level, everyone wants to get drafted," said Berard.

Rosado added through a translator, "Barbe was the one that opened the doors and that stuck with (me) through this whole ride, and (I'm) very thankful."

Cecchini, whose dad coaches the Bucs, also echoed the other players in his pride for playing in Louisiana and for Barbe High School.

"I enjoyed playing for Lake Charles, Louisiana and the state of Louisiana, representing Louisiana and Barbe High School. I'm going to carry this honor a long way and I'm going to make them proud," said Cecchini.

Of the three selected, so far only Berard has signed his pro contract, and will report for rookie ball on Sunday.

For Berard, money wasn't his incentive, it was the chance to make a dream come true.

"It wasn't necessarily about the offer or how much money they gave me, it was about living a dream. Not many kids get to live a dream this often," said the 22nd round pick.

While Rosado and Cecchini are still deciding whether they will play college or pro baseball next season, both feel like whichever they choose they can't go wrong.

"If (I) get what (I) want then (I'll) go, and if not then it's a win, win situation for (me)," said Rosado through his translator.

"I've always wanted to be drafted my whole entire life and play professional baseball, but you know it's going to work out either way," said Cecchini.

Most importantly for these three players and the rest of Barbe's baseball team, is the belief that on or off the field, the program has prepared them to succeed in wherever their life may take them.

"Every single player that played on our team this year has a chance to be drafted whenever they go play college ball. They're going to be real successful, whether it's in baseball or in life. Every one of them is real smart is going to be real successful," said Berard.

These three players have already done so much to make their community proud.

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