Brothers arrested in neighbor's shooting death

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A fight between neighbors turns to deadly gunfire in the 1600 block of Opelousas Street late Monday night.

"Right before midnight we received a call for in reference to shots fired. We arrived, we located a 43-year-old victim who was dead at the scene," said Sgt. Mark Kraus, Lake Charles Police.

The victim is identified as Roy Edward Wyatt. His eldest son Jeremy Wyatt was by his side before and right after the three shots were fired.

"Two guys from next door came over in my yard arguing with my daddy over a bicycle that the neighbors gave him. And he kept on threatening the whole family. My daddy told them I'm only going one place tonight and that is up or down. And he took multiple bullets from me and my sister who was outside, while the shooting was going on," said Jeremy.

The two suspects in the case: brothers Darren and Jason Morgan. Police say both fled the scene in a black El Camino - with 30-year-old Darren turning himself in a short time later.

"Around 3 o'clock this morning we received a call from Darren Morgan - he is the person we have arrested for 2nd degree murder. He called us from Common and McNeese Street and we went and arrested him," explained Kraus.

29-year-old Jason would lay low until around 6:30 Tuesday evening before turning himself in at Lake Charles Police headquarters.

At this time, police aren't saying if they've found the murder weapon. Meanwhile even though the crime tape is removed, lives in the neighborhood are forever changed.

"There's more than one tragedy in this case. That is the incident occurred over a bicycle - two families are affected. The family obviously of the deceased and the family of the shooter in this case who has also lost a family member," said Kraus.

The tragic loss comes just as Jeremy and his family were reunited in February of this year with their father after a lifetime apart.

"Last time I seen my father I was two-years-old. He had never been in my life, never watched sports achievements I've done along the years, the church improvement, none of that. So for me I take it the hardest. I'm the oldest," said Jeremy.

Though their reunion was cut short, Jeremy says it was long enough to heal old wounds.

"If nobody loved him... I just want to let him know that I did," said Jeremy.

Both brothers are charged with 2nd degree murder and obstruction of justice. Darren being held on a 110-thousand dollar bond and Jason on a 300-thousand dollar bond.

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