Tallow trees invading Gulf states

By Brandon Troullier - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Tallow trees are becoming a problem in southern states.  They were brought over from eastern Asia in the 1700's and were used to make soap and candles.  Growing at a fast rate, they are becoming a threat to wildlife.

LSU Ag Center county agent Tommy Shields says, "they are invasive....they take over large amounts of acreage's, they're not particularly wildlife friendly, they get so thick that they're not good habitat for the wildlife".

The trees are easily spotted by their heart shaped leaves, but are tough to stop, but to keep them under control, you should treat them when they are young. If you wait too long, it could become costly.

For information on how to treat them, call the LSU Ag Center at 475-8812.

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