Cameron Parish shoreline clean up

By Jason Belk - bio | email

HOLLY BEACH, LA (KPLC) - The Cameron Parish coastline, unlike so much of Louisiana, remains oil free.

But that hasn't stopped volunteers from as far away as San Francisco to start cleaning the beaches today.

"Everybody has their own ideas of what to do and what not to do, and I'm more of an action taker. I was tired of hearing everybody come up with their own plan or idea with no implementation of it," said Dave Tweedie, who traveled from San Francisco to help clean.

Amber Hooper, who traveled from Chicago said, "We're just trying to do as much as we can, it's what we care about and we're going to keep doing whatever we can with helping the environment or humanitarian efforts connected with the oil spill."

Today, the Louisiana Gulf Response Involvement Team and BP coordinated a volunteer clean-up along the Cameron Parish shoreline to prepare the beaches for potential impact of oil.

"Wile the oil has not made it to Cameron Parish yet, the pre clean-up on the beaches today could pay huge dividends in the next couple weeks if the oil were to make it this far.

"What we have to realize is that a number of both the artificial and natural debris that accumulates on our shoreline can attract and attach to oil making it much more difficult to clean up," said Steven Peyronnin, the Executive Director of the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

The volunteers removed any artificial debris to landfills and natural debris to a safe place above the high water mark.

Today's pre clean-up was not the first of it's kind, other clean-ups in eastern parts of Louisiana have already been a huge help.

"We were recently in Grand Isle and the Fifi Island area in Lafourche Parish and Jefferson Parish, doing pre beach clean-up before landfall of the oil almost two weeks ago. We saw significant removal of debris, which helped the clean-up crews come in and remove that material when the beaches became oiled," said Peyronnin.

And while everyone in Southwest Louisiana hopes the oil doesn't make it this far, precautions like today will be very important if it does.

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