DOTD hit with shortage of yellow road paint

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A shortage in yellow road paint is hitting many highway departments across the country, including the Department of Transportation and Development in Lake Charles.

The DOTD said the shortage stems from an insufficient supply of a chemical used to create the road paint.

"We're not completely out of the yellow paint, but we're getting rather low," said Patrick Landry, the District Traffic Operations Engineer for DOTD.

Landry said they only have one tote of yellow paint left, and they are ordering their paints weeks in advance to ensure they will have enough.

"We try to order paint and have enough paint to do the work that we have scheduled," said Landry.

But Landry does not believe the shortage will have a huge impact on summer road projects, however.

"We're pretty much on schedule with the striping that we've found to be deficient," said Landry. "I think we've covered most of the deficient highways."

Landry also does not think that the shortage of the paint will affect the price they pay to purchase the paint.

"As far as we're concerned we have a state contract, so it would not affect the contract price for the paint," said Landry.

The DOTD said they plan to use their last tote of yellow paint sparingly and only when needed.

"We'd rather stripe it before it gets to the point where we can't see it than stripe it," said Landry.

The shortage is expected to end sometime by the end of the June.

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