Southwestern Cheerleaders Association camp begins today

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Southwestern Cheerleaders Association camp in Lake Charles begins today at McNeese State.

For Lindsey Guidry and the rest of those at the Southwestern Cheerleaders Association camp on McNeese's campus this afternoon, the sport has become very important in their lives.

"Cheerleading is a really big part of all of our lives, and we just think it's a very fun activity for all of us to get involved with. It teaches us really good life lessons," said Guidry.

This year's camp is expected to draw around 500 cheerleaders from all over Louisiana.

The SCA was created in 1985 and has grown in popularity against the cheerleading industry since.

For the Southwestern Cheerleaders Association, instead of having a large number of good camps, they would rather have a very small number of very exceptional camps like the one in Lake Charles.

"Every advisor, every cheerleading team that attends an SCA camp is treated as a VIP, whether they are an excellent team or a beginning team, it doesn't make any difference," said Nadine Romero, the President of the SCA.

At the camp, the cheerleading teams will learn different skills, routines and techniques for their upcoming seasons.

"They look at the material, the dances, the cheers, the skill level, the pyramids, stunts and tumbling. They'll ask them where do you get your cheerleading training, when they say SCA, that's a good reflection on the SCA and we just keep doing that," said Romero.

But for many, the skills learned at camp are important, but the memories made with teammates is the best part.

"I just want to bond with all the girls, from varsity to junior varsity. We're all a squad and we're all here for the same reasons, and we just enjoy cheerleading and it's just to make lifelong memories and friends," said Guidry.

Plenty of new memories and cheerleading skills were certain to be made at this weekend's camp.

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