Southwest Louisiana's Student Trainer Workshop to be held at McNeese

Beginning Sunday, June 13, approximately 75 high school athletic trainers from throughout Louisiana and east Texas will be practicing beginning, intermediate, and advanced injury treatment techniques as part of southwest Louisiana's athletic trainer workshop for students.

Hosted by the Lake Area Athletic Trainers' Association, the Student Trainer Workshop provides an opportunity for those who have completed grades 8 through 11 to learn the skills necessary to help out on the sidelines."

"Student trainers are an asset to high school athletic programs," said Jim Murphy, coordinator of Memorial Hospital's Sports Medicine. "They assist the athletic trainers in the proper care of athletes in the prevention and care of athletic related injuries.  In this capacity they become an important link between the athletes and other individuals involved in their care."

"A quick response to a sports injury prevents further damage from occurring, and very often can pave the way for a quick, less complicated recovery," said Dr. Brett Cascio, board certified orthopedist and sports medicine specialist. Dr. Cascio is the medical director of Lake Charles Memorial Hospital Sports Medicine, which provides services to all area high schools, McNeese State University and many recreational groups.

But with all the different sporting events throughout the region, athletic trainers can't be everywhere.

Knowing that a student athletic trainer is there to make a connection with our staff athletic trainer makes a big difference.  The summer workshop gives them the information they need to communicate with the athletic trainer.

The workshop, which ends at noon on Tuesday, June 15, includes sessions on ankle and foot anatomy and ankle taping labs for beginning student trainers, knee anatomy sessions and knee taping labs for intermediate student trainers, shoulder anatomy and shoulder rehabilitation labs for advanced student trainers, and low back and abdominal anatomy and special conditions for advanced II student trainers. The various sessions will be held in the McNeese State University Athletic Department.

"Students can attend the workshop every year of their high school career and continue to learn and advance their treatment skills," said Murphy.

Workshop topics will also include athletic trainers' responsibilities, treatment and evaluation of athletic injuries, terminology, and equipment fitting. The individual labs will focus on proper taping techniques.

The fee for the student trainer workshop is $175 for overnight campers, which includes meals and accommodations in the dorms, or $135 for commuters.

The Lake Area Athletic Trainers' Association is a non-profit organization that was founded by members of McNeese Sports Medicine and Memorial Hospital Sports Medicine for the purpose of providing athletic training opportunities throughout Louisiana and east Texas. The group's mission is to ensure quality sports medicine care of the states' athletes and to hold the level of care to the highest standards.

For more information or to register a student athletic trainer, call (337) 562-4320.