Welsh police chief is under pressure to resign

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

WELSH, LA (KPLC) - Chief Tommy Chaisson fully admits to allegations that he used a racial slur in a text message dispute between him and his wife. He said he realizes his actions were wrong, but he will not be stepping down as the Welsh chief of police.

"My wife and I are going through some problems. I found out something she had done. It upset me, and it hurt me, and I text her some messages, and I used some racial slurs," said Welsh Police Chief, Tommy Chaisson.

He makes no attempt to deny it. He said he used his town cell phone to send those text messages.

"Just using the N word," said Chief Chaisson.

Chaisson said a lot has gone into the separation of him and his wife, but town officials believe that is no excuse for his behavior.

"We all have to separate our personal lives from our jobs. We are serving a lot of people," said Welsh Mayor, Judy Louviere.

At last Tuesday's town meeting the council took action.

"We went through the motions of asking him to resign. We wanted the people of Welsh to know how strongly we felt about this," said Mayor Louviere.

"They felt like it was inappropriate for me to have done that, and they are absolutely right. I just don't feel like it was severe enough to resign for," said Chief Chaisson.

Chief Chaisson will not be stepping down as police chief, but he want an opportunity to try and clear his name.

"I don't normally talk like that. I don't talk like that at all. I am not prejudice. I just vented, and I regretfully that that happened," said Chief Chaisson.

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