Lightning strikes oak tree on 22nd Street

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA. (KPLC) - It was a noise that startled all who heard it as Mindy Brinkman recounts.  "We heard a loud crack. And you could kind of see a bright light flash. I've never heard such a loud noise before in my life."

And when the smoke had cleared, it was amazing to see what lightning had done to the old oak tree in front of 2432 22nd Street. The force knocked the bark off the tree some of which broke a window in Elsie Jones house.

Contractor Trey Broussard was summoned in short order, to fix the window.  "Today's a new day for me as far as flying bark breaking windows."

Neighbor George Evans first rushed over to make sure his neighbor was okay and then checked out the tree. "It knocked the bark off the tree, it split the tree, and if you and if you had smellevision you could actually smell the burnt aroma coming from this tree."

If there were chunks of bark hurled with enough force to break a window imagine what it might have done if there had been any people in the area. Brinkman, who was working at a neighbor's house,  is thankful she was a safe distance away. "It's pretty amazing what Mother Nature's force can do. "That's nothing to mess with. I mean you can see where it's traveled all the way down the whole tree and it just shattered everything off of it."

But luckily the only casualties were a window and sadly, the tree itself, which will no doubt have to be taken down.

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