Holly beach clean-up

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Louisiana Gulf Response Involvement Team is coordinating a volunteer clean-up along the Cameron Parish shoreline to prepare Holly beach for the potential impact of oil.

The people responsible for the clean-up said if the B.P. oil crisis does impact the area, the last thing crews will want to deal with is the trash along the beach.

Carolyn Woosley is a member of the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. She has been fighting for Louisiana's coastline for years, and now she is joining with B.P, the National Wildlife Federation, the Nature Conservancy, and more importantly, the volunteers to clean-up the trash.

"It's one less thing to do. It will be a lot less costly if we get the trash of the beaches first, and it removes a lot of hazardous material," said Woosley.

Many people who enjoy relaxing on Holly Beach do realize trash can be a problem, especially if oil is in the mix.

"I mean, if the oil was to come, and we had to pick up the trash, along with the wildlife. Because, you know, it's killing the wildlife. It would just be disastrous," said Judy McMichael.

"That would be hard. They would have to be picking up the trash, that's full of oil, besides the oil. Like the seaweed and stuff," said Evelyn Lessard.

So, to better prepare the coast, this Saturday volunteers will be asked to show up to help clean-up.

"We just have to get out there and do the work. And, I think a lot of southwest Louisiana will rise to the cause. Because, it is deeply beloved, fragile land.

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