BP has received 36,000 ideas on how to stop oil leak

by Brandon Richards bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC-TV) – As BP moves on to its next plan to stop the Gulf Oil Spill, the company has received over 36,000 ideas from the general public since the crisis began, according to BP spokesperson, Graham MacEwen.

Some ideas to stop the leak are realistic. These ideas are being evaluated by the company.

Others are just down right crazy!

There are several Facebook groups dedicated to collecting ideas on stopping the oil spill. The ideas posted range from sending underwater robots to squeeze the pipe very tightly to shooting rubber particles down to clog the pipe. Other ideas include somehow sending down a giant cork to freezing the oil.

If neither of those ideas work, some have suggested the government just send down a nuclear weapon to close the leak.

Beaumont resident Stephen Browning, 69, has a couple of ideas.

Browning said BP should build a new pipe over the broken pipe. Browning said once the pipe is in the oil pool, thousands of feet beneath the surface, BP should curl the pipe into a hook, which Browning said would slow the pressure of the gases. Browning's other ideas is that BP should drill all the way into the bedrock of the earth.

Browning said he does not plan on submitting his ideas to BP.

"I wish I could say they care," he said. "But I just don't know."

The company has four stages in their alternative response technology process (ideas from the general public). During each stage, the ideas are classified as (1) waiting to be processed, (2) not possible, (3) not feasible, (4) already planned, (5) feasible but not proven, and (6) feasible and proven. The company said it would contact those whose ideas could possibly be tested.

BP has set up a special hotline for ideas on how to stop the oil leak. Those with ideas should call 281-366-5511.

For information or to submit an idea online, click here.

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